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A tribute to my Ukrainian and Russian Friends

Friday March 4th, 2022 0 comments

“I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell; you see, I have friends in both places.” I always loved this quote of Mark Twain and it sadly resonates these days. My intention is not to jump on the Ukrainian slaughter bandwagon and draw abusive leadership lessons from it (although I have a deep respect for Volodymyr Zelensky, Vitali…

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A useful tool to address conflict, dilemmas and coaching

Saturday February 12th, 2022 0 comments

Last week’s article on Dilemma Leadership elicited a lot of private mails, asking for support in how to identify and construct the two axis of a dilemma (between which the leader will constantly arbitrate and navigate). A Dutch client showed me a model, attributed to Dutch consultant, Daniel Ofman, and explained to me by a Dutch consultant, Jo Boniszewski, that…

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Leading edge organizations identify & address their dilemmas

Saturday February 5th, 2022 0 comments

In the “Old Economy”, Problem-Solving methodologies were a must in several business schools. We were taught to: Define clearly the problem Identify its root cause Remove the cause Observe if we had satisfactorily resolved the problem. It worked well, perfectly combined with the “engineering mindset” and the linear thinking of the time. Once solved, a problem was behind our back…

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Multitasking does not belong to the Disruption Economy

Friday January 28th, 2022 2 comments

I must confess that multitasking (or was it hiding my natural tendency for procrastination?) started early with me… I remember the difficulty I had to focus on doing my afternoon homework, prior to dashing out towards liberation, i.e. the football practice with my schoolmates. As an M.B.T.I. profile, my preference clearly is N (intuitive), P (Perception). Striving on opportunity grabbing,…

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Disruptive Leadership in 2022 and beyond

Friday January 21st, 2022 0 comments

As per explained in my previous article, it is since 2008/2009 that my interest is focused on the “Disruption Economy” and its impact on Leadership, following a study made with 14 Brazilian C.E.O.s and Fundação Dom Cabral. Early 2020, of course, I was taken completely off-guard when realizing that disruption wasn’t necessarily caused by technology but by a virus, so…

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This is what a study about Disruptive Leadership forecasted in 2009

Saturday January 15th, 2022 0 comments

My “love affair” with the Disruption Economy dates back to 2009, when Brazil’s leading Business-School, Fundação Dom Cabral, asked me to partner with Dalton Sardenberg, one of their most solid faculty, and design a program for CEO’s aiming at understanding what was going on in the World’s Economy and whether or not leadership was about to undergo its first truly…

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Thanking you all who made a difference in 2021

Tuesday December 28th, 2021 0 comments

From a business perspective, 2021 was another (to say the least…) “challenging year” (not to call it “annus horibilis”, since I am not yet the Queen of England). As most of our work happens outside Switzerland and consists to have top executives from all over the World gathering and working together, Covid is a solid hurdle and, as most our…

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The Great Resignation and the Search for Purpose

Friday December 17th, 2021 6 comments

In case you haven’t heard from it yet, I can’t let you finish the year without knowing of the latest buzzword “à la mode”: The Great Resignation (i.e. giving-up my job). So what is “The Great Resignation” phenomenon? In the USA and UK, an abnormally high number of employees started to leave their job (2nd term 2021 and growing) Those…

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This is for those still running yearly/mid-year/ assessments

Saturday November 6th, 2021 0 comments

Soon is coming this dreaded lose/lose moment of the year called assessment, evaluations, etc. Some Leaders wonder how they will maintain morale and decent relationships, whilst feeding back about their disappointment to their under-performers, others have already given-up all pride and will grade those above average, some, with the laudable intention of being professional and honest will rate some of…

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Maybe should you provoke a high employee turnover?

Sunday October 31st, 2021 0 comments

A few days ago, I was having an exchange of views with a Brazilian business leader I highly consider. The topic was about employees’ turnover. Like most of us, I assume, I considered it as negative if not very costly. In traditional businesses (still the vast majority on Earth), losing someone equates to losing knowledge, know-how, experience, history and, sometimes,…

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