From Disruption to Engagement

  • We support our clients to remain masters of their own destiny, in an increasingly complex and sometimes chaotic environment
  • “Scanning the periphery” and recognizing emerging trends faster than competition are critical skills that we develop with them
  • We believe that our clients’ success is a function of the quality of their interactions, thinking patterns, behaviours and dialogues
  • Our clients should not outsource such leading edge skills to specialists. They need to learn to practice them…

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Tuesday October 4th, 2022

After the Great Resignation, the Quiet Quitting

Nine months ago, I wrote an article on the latest Leadership topic “à la mode”: The Great Resignation. If you want to be up to date nowadays, the new theme is “Quiet Quitting”. A Friend recently sent me an article of Gallup, relating to it. Whereas, in the Great Resignation, people actively look for another job or aim at taking…

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