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“Don’t throw complication at the face of complexity: when procedures take over from purpose”

Saturday October 26th, 2013 0 comments

This is what I received a few days ago from a British (obviously Eurosceptic) friend: Pythagoras’ Theorem: 24 words. Lord’s Prayer: 66 words. Archimedes’ Principle: 67 words. Ten Commandments: 179 words. Gettysburg Address: 286 words. US Declaration of Independence : 1,300 words. US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: 7,818 words. EU Regulations on the Sale of Cabbages: 26,911 words It…

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“People are more likely to ACT their way into a new way of thinking, than THINK their way into a new way of acting!”

Thursday October 17th, 2013 2 comments

A discrete, sometimes hidden, part of the work some of my senior partners and I do, has to deal with Team Coaching, in other words reconstruct the bridge of Trust that bad habits, tensions, pressure or lack of transparency have badly damaged. Mistrust, suspicion, interpretations and attribution of bad intentions are often surfacing if not open and sometimes violent conflicts…

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“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” (Confucius 551-479 BC)

Saturday October 12th, 2013 2 comments

Recently I was coaching a Malaysian leader whose job took him all over South and East Asia. We were talking about his experiences of feedback and relating it to some of the key messages in my April 2012 blog on the topic: As I explain in that article, we in the Enablers Network are often frustrated when we hear…

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Michael Porter’s models were not adapted to the Disruption Economy

Saturday October 5th, 2013 0 comments

No Schadenfreude (celebrating somebody else’s misfortunes): Michael Porter and his theories were at the center of what I learned at IMD. And his five forces model was and still is a useful checklist that any entrepreneurial leader should be well advised to study before they make a decision. But Michael Porter and his Monitor consultancy went bankrupt in November 2012.…

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