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“Being a victim of disruption or being the disruptor?”

Saturday March 27th, 2010 0 comments

As promised, last week, I propose to give us some time for reflection on the theme of the “Open Economy” and would like to invite you (via e.mail or on the blog) to  co-create the “Disruption Experience” which we want to be novel, powerful and impactful. The Disruption Experience (“The most life-changing Executive Think-Tank you’ll ever attend”) will be a…

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“The Game Changers in the Open Economy”

Sunday March 21st, 2010 1 comment

In an excellent “post” (article) on his blog[1], Seth Godin creates a distinction between the two cultures that internet has enabled: one made of people whom, we would say, work following the GRAVITAS principles and go deep in their thinking, seeking to be real leaders in the Open Economy and another, which he calls “clickers culture”, a sort of fast…

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“Leading in the Open Economy: disrupting, connecting, tribalizing and engaging”

Sunday March 14th, 2010 1 comment

After seeing how the new “Open Economy” will impact the way we strategize (from guessing the future to preparing for it) and organize (from centralized, hierarchical and pyramidal organizations towards more organic, decentralized and “intelligent organizations”, defined by a shared and engaging Purpose, a permanent, purpose-related feedback and a fertile ground of relationships), let us now explore how it shopuld…

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“Connecting People!”

Sunday March 7th, 2010 0 comments

After covering the two first features of an “intelligent organism”, a strong and shared sense of Purpose and a purpose-related feedback loop, let’s explore the third one: A fertile ground of relationships: An engaging Purpose and a constant feedback loop designed to help people stay aligned with it are not enough to create an intelligent organization. If our organs weren’t…

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