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My best interview on the future of Leadership

Saturday September 3rd, 2011 5 comments

(NEW  CLIP OF INTERVIEW IN PORTUGUESE ADDED AT END OF THIS POST) During my recent stay in São-Paulo, I was interviewed by Patricia Bispo, who runs an excellent site dedicated to people and leadership issues. Her questions helped me clarify my thoughts on the future of leadership. Here are, in English, the key parts of the interview: Patricia Bispo –…

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"Leading ourselves to exhaustion!!!"

Sunday May 15th, 2011 0 comments

Is it because everybody agrees, in private, that the fundamental problems of the recent crisis still have to be addressed, that most Boardrooms  resonate with the same sacred word: GROWTH? Is it like a desperate and collective blind attempt to cash in before a tremendous after shock erupts? Whatever the answer to that question, some firms will succeed in disrupting…

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“Are you happy to outsource your strategic thinking process?”

Sunday November 7th, 2010 2 comments

Would you find wise, as a leader, to outsource the most critical, educational and engaging process of your organization? This is what happens though when we delegate our strategic reflection to third parties. Nick van Heck (our partner from ELP Network) has come up with a word: “Strategizing”, or the process by which organizations engage the widest possible number of…

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