Julio Arozarena: Competence, Generosity and Selflessness


Didier Marlier

March 11, 2023

From Disruption to Engagement

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Some of you may have noticed that the Enablers Community has been enriched by a lot of new members, recently. My pride is that we act in the field of Academy, Consultancy and Development and there isn’t a single academic, trainer nor consultant amongst us!

But each and everyone of us has an amazing life story behind them, and is a star performer in their area of preference, from horse therapy, to conducting a philharmonic orchestra. One of us, Julio Arozarena, is an exceptional Professional: an intellectual (degree in History of Arts) and one of the world’s most famous dancer (Ballet Nacional de Cuba and Béjart Ballet Lausanne), Julio continues his career, both as a creator/choreographer, as a generous mentor to young and confirmed talents and as a speaker and coach in the Business Community.

I recently had a private preview of his latest creation, Polymère. It is a very moving piece of art in which Julio associates two of our Oceans “rejections”: plastics and, as we recently witnessed again, the bodies of those heroic and unfortunate human beings who drowned when crossing the seas. Rarely, have I been moved by such a piece of Art, blending a dramatic subject and aesthetics at the highest level. Those of you lucky enough to live in Switzerland may go and see it on May 11th nearby Lausanne.

I met Julio by a client of ours: He led a team of very guarded senior leaders through an amazing experience of two hours. After having reassured them that he wouldn’t train them at Ballet Dancing, he still challenged them all to come up with a very decent choreography. He handed them the theme, tranquilised them on the fact that, would they be able to transmit something through their body, they would be competent enough to succeed. His whole subtle coaching was about “obsessing on making others shine and place others in the spotlight” and Generosity. When the improvised “troop” reviewed their performance, they were impressed by the harmonious result they had reached, with limited skills but through Generosity and Selflessness.

Ever since, I try to invite Julio to express how those characteristics create magic in Ballet and have participants to our programs experience it.

Enough words, let me invite you to Julio’s World of high expectations, beauty, gravitas and magic, even on a theme as dramatic as this one.


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