Men have built too many walls and not enough bridges (Isaac Newton)


Didier Marlier

December 21, 2023

From Disruption to Engagement

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We are about to turn the page of 2023… The war is still raging in Ukraine, unspeakable horrors took and continue to take place in Israel and Palestine, tensions keep rising between China and the US, in Burma, the fighting continues, the genocide in Eastern Congo (Kivu) has reached 6 million deaths without much concern from the rest of the World to save civilians. Cop 28 was a cynical joke. And the list could easily fill this article in.

Yesterday, when searching for inspiration to write my last blog in 2023, I came across this simple and moving scene… Far from violence, from the conviction of being solely right excluding all others, this clergyman dances (taking huge risks😉) the joy and energy his faith provides him with.

This refreshing image came just on time to confirm my increasingly strong determination to humbly support our World by reducing prejudice, bridging gaps and bridging the ever increasing and lethal fractures caused by polarisation in our World. It has become part of my ideals and is definitely inspired by the work we do with the Enablers. For those of you, who have the patience and kindness to read me, you will not be surprised to see me call this my “Deep Intent”.

Recently, one of our partners, Marie-Emmanuelle Py, wrote an article (in French) on what she calls “the Meaning/Sense of Life” (or Deep Intent).

She distinguishes four values that may shape our Deep Intent:

  • Creativity values: Such personalities have a strong project and intend to serve the World through their work or because they feel they have a mission.
  • Experiential/relational values: Love under its many formats, Beauty, Nature, Aesthetics. Those personalities appreciate to peacefully enjoy what the World gratifies them with.
  • Attitudinal values: Directly inspired from the remarquable Viktor Frankl (Trotzdem Jaz um Leben – Whatever, say Yes to Life !), whatever the circustances I am faced with, I will not be a “victim of circumstances” I have the choice of my attitude when confronting those. Frankl called this  “Dignity”.
  • Transmission/Genealogical values : My life starts to have a meaning when I wake to the consciousness about the legacy I will leave to the future generations.

I thought it could be worth sharing prior to our new year’s good resolutions. As far as I am concerned, I will keep in mind at the turn of the year, this wonderful extract of the “Cost of Living”, offered to me by another of our partners, the star ballet dancer Julio Arozarena. For Julio, a choreographer does not pick nor select his/her dancers, he/she creates the conditions for them to do and be their best. Look at the scene. It is worth it!

Happy closing of 2023. Let’s build bridges on our Leadership Journeys in 2024!


  1. Järvi Saila

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you Didier, again.

    • Didier Marlier

      Thank you, dear Saily. Moved by your appreciation!!!

  2. Dave Cherry

    Thanks for sharing Didier. May we bring joy and humanity to those around us in our own dance through 2024

    • Didier Marlier

      Thank you Dave, may you continue to inspire people around you, as I always saw you do!


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