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“Tell me: How will Pathos improve our R.O.I.?”

Friday April 20th, 2012 0 comments

This is the friendly “punch in the stomach” I received one day from one of my favorite C.E.O. and client. I can not think of a leader who wouldn’t wonder, each day, how she could improve the level of motivation and engagement of her troops. We all want it. We all know that motivation is increasingly critical in a fast…

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Narcissistic? Psychopathic? Or humble? Choose your style…

Saturday November 5th, 2011 2 comments

In which population do we find the highest percentage of people with psychopathic tendencies? Not in jail, not in gangs but… in Boardrooms!!! This is the surprising stand that one of the world’s most respected specialists in psychopathy, Professor Robert Hare, takes in his book published in 2007, “Snakes in suit”. Of course the statement is provocative and does not…

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“Walking the thin line of Authenticity!”

Sunday January 9th, 2011 6 comments

When I recently showed, as an example of connected leadership, the moving video of Leonhard Bernstein conducting his orchestra[1], two participants objected, on the ground that the famous master Karajan’s style was, to say the least, far more directive, and that it hadn’t prevented him from being considered the best. Knowing of the Austrian Master’s reputation, I was taken a…

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