Our interventions aim at improving business performance. They should be seen as part of a process and not as standalone events.

We see three ways of looking at Leadership Development:

  • The “Logos way”:
    The delivery is done “from intellect to intellect” and suits the transfer of models and cognitive material. There is a certain distance maintained between a merely passive audience and the academic delivering their course. Powerpoints and traditional case studies┬áare used extensively. This is the realm of academics and other speakers.
  • The “Ethos way”:
    Also called “Action Learning”, whereby participants learn by doing through simulations. This suits the transfer of behavioural skills and is the prefered style of training organizations.
  • The “Pathos way”:
    where a more systemic approach is taken, sometimes called “Experiential Learning”. Participants are into a total immersion regarding what they learn. Their reality rather than games or cases serves as the basis for their learning. Intellect, behaviours and emotions are connected here. We typically seek to include the three different delivery ways in our programs.

We are active in four main areas: