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Sense of Purpose saves lives

Saturday November 19th, 2011 1 comment

In my office, well in sight, are the remains of a bed’s part coming from a concentration camp with a profile of the Virgin Mary engraved. This is all that the nazis returned to my grandfather, about his best friend, a catholic priest, caught by the Gestapo for hiding Jewish children. Father de Soil had no family left and he…

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Fear of loosing or fear of winning?

Sunday February 13th, 2011 4 comments

Sports coaches know it: the fear of loosing is a powerful stressor for athletes and they do their best to keep them out of it. In an earlier post, as well as in our book[1], I commented on the picture below (inspired from the works of  Daniel Goleman, Henri Laborit or Paul McLean): In short, it suggests that when a…

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