Humility and fierce resolve…

Sunday December 15th, 2013 2 comments

2013 is soon over… Thank God! I am now looking forward to 2014 as a year of reconstruction, in my private and professional lives.

Many of you know my attachment to the powerful metaphor of the “Hero’s Journey”, based on Joseph Campbell’s work around the universal myth. A Hero manages to progress through the challenges of life, not only because of his “Deep Intent” (following his bliss) but also thanks to the blessed presence of “Allies” who advise, listen, challenge and support him during the Journey. I would like to thank all of you who chose not to be neutral when I was showing signs of sadness, who took the risk of offering help and support when I seemed to slow my rhythm down as well as those who courageously challenged me when it was the right thing to do… To you all, partners, clients, friends and family, heartfelt thanks!

I am now looking forward to take on 2014 with renewed vigor. I have a solid team of outstanding and generous partners who have not lost their courage to challenge nor their sensitivity to support the business heroes you are.

A recent visit in Europe, to a successful executive, summarized my two key learnings of 2013 and I would like to share them. A lot of my personal energy will be focused around these in 2014:

  • Humility: Do not attempt at translating the words of this song and clip, they are in Gaelic. This moving moment has been shot in Ireland and several hundreds of students took part to the event. Humility and Teamship were needed to create such a success and aesthetic experience. When I met Patrick, he explained the story of his life in such a simple manner. Contrary to what we see so often, he seemed to have moved up, rapidly, the ladder to his own surprise. But when I listened carefully at each “tipping point” of his successful journey, it is always by showing a humble determination that he managed to win the souls and brains of his colleagues, leading him to where he is. Making it to the Board never has been his purpose. Serving at best the interest of his company was. I have difficulties at time staying humble and that will be one of my personal commitments in my private and professional lives for 2014. I count on your feedback to let me know when I derail…
  • Determination and courage: I find this little girl just amazing. Yes, she must be quite disruptive to her friends and challenging to handle, but she is determined to give her best energy to the show and attempts to wake-up/engage some of her more amorphous team mates. Count on me to continue being respectfully provocative, challenging and supportive. Throughout the discussion, Patrick and I realized that we had both gone through falls and recoveries in life and that, one of our strengths was to be prepared to lose everything rather than our soul and professional ethics. Trust me, my partners will continue keeping an eye on me, as I do for them, on this one!

Writing this, I realize that my resolutions for 2014 come very close from the leadership lessons of Collins book, “From Good to Great” where Humility and Fierce Resolve were seen as the two determining assets of sustainable leadership. I will do my best not to disappoint you!

Thank you for your presence and warmth. I wish you all a wonderful ending of 2013 and a good start for 2014!

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