• Thanking you all who made a difference in 2021

    Tuesday December 28th, 2021 0 comments

    From a business perspective, 2021 was another (to say the least…) “challenging year” (not to call it “annus horibilis”, since I am not yet the Queen of England). As most of our work happens outside Switzerland and consists to have top executives from all over the World gathering and working together, Covid is a solid hurdle and, as most our…

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  • The Great Resignation and the Search for Purpose

    Friday December 17th, 2021 6 comments

    In case you haven’t heard from it yet, I can’t let you finish the year without knowing of the latest buzzword “à la mode”: The Great Resignation (i.e. giving-up my job). So what is “The Great Resignation” phenomenon? In the USA and UK, an abnormally high number of employees started to leave their job (2nd term 2021 and growing) Those…

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  • This is for those still running yearly/mid-year/ assessments

    Saturday November 6th, 2021 0 comments

    Soon is coming this dreaded lose/lose moment of the year called assessment, evaluations, etc. Some Leaders wonder how they will maintain morale and decent relationships, whilst feeding back about their disappointment to their under-performers, others have already given-up all pride and will grade those above average, some, with the laudable intention of being professional and honest will rate some of…

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  • Maybe should you provoke a high employee turnover?

    Sunday October 31st, 2021 0 comments

    A few days ago, I was having an exchange of views with a Brazilian business leader I highly consider. The topic was about employees’ turnover. Like most of us, I assume, I considered it as negative if not very costly. In traditional businesses (still the vast majority on Earth), losing someone equates to losing knowledge, know-how, experience, history and, sometimes,…

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  • How well does your leadership team keep your iceberg afloat?

    Friday October 22nd, 2021 0 comments

    Almost twelve years ago, a client and friend, Beat Blaesi (Leadership Development Director at Bank Julius Baer at the time) introduced me to Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions of a team” and I shared its model with you, in an article. I now regularly work (I should say “I enjoy myself”) with a Brazilian company, called iFood. The company is active…

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  • Is Harvard University Professor, Michael Sandel, just a Dreamer?

    Thursday October 14th, 2021 0 comments

    Many of you reported their interest in Michael Sandel’s TED talk, mentioned in my last article. And, if a part were enjoying the ideas put forward by Professor Sandel, they also regretted, in advance, that these could be too idealistic. For those of you who never heard about him, Michael Sandel is an American Political Philosopher, teaching at Harvard University…

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  • A New Way of Thinking for the Disruption Economy

    Tuesday October 5th, 2021 0 comments

    We have all seen where a wonderful idea such as Facebook (from creating a platform where people living far apart from each other could reconnect with each other, to becoming a major tool of misinformation at the service of dictatorships or haters) went through time or how polarization and exclusion ideas have allowed divisive leaders to gain elections by spreading…

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  • When a Composer meets a Professor of Strategic Innovation

    Tuesday September 21st, 2021 0 comments

    I often quote the work of Babson Professor, Jay Rao, on this blog. I like his down to Earth, thought provoking and unorthodox approach to things. Like many of you know, Nick McRoberts is one of my closest Business Partner but he is also a conductor and composer in classical music. We both invited Prof. Rao for a fascinating conversation…

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  • It takes more than words to become a “Disruptive Leader”

    Friday July 23rd, 2021 0 comments

    I am interested in football and ice hockey as I believe that they can learn a lot from Business Teams Dynamics whilst inspiring them, in return, from a metaphorical perspective. And results come faster in sports: the next quarter’s results are the next game for sports’ coaches. So the time lag to measure the impact of strategic, cultural, tactical or…

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  • Thank you for your dedication. Now game over, everybody back to the office!

    Saturday July 17th, 2021 0 comments

    It might have been the joy and relief of believing that the pandemic was over… These last 3 weeks, I spoke with four organisations exploring the best way to make the transition “from home back to the office”. Of course, everybody seems aware that thanking people for their dedication and fierce resolve during the confinement by some sort of “now…

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