When we come out the other side…


Didier Marlier

April 10, 2020

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Andy Barham was a patient invited to speak at the Convention of a medical device company. I was invited to talk about Change Leadership. Andy stunned the audience by his authenticity, simplicity and humour. But like many of those “Comedy Artists”, Andy also has a wonderful, sensitive and deep “Gravitas Sense”. He wrote this poem a few days ago, hoping we would seize the opportunity to rebalance our values in the Post-Covid-19 World, when we come out the other side…

When we come out the other side

No longer forced to run and hide

What sort of world will we see?

What sort of humans might we be?


When we come out the other side

When basic needs are not denied 

Will we recall the humanity

And grab this opportunity?


When we come out the other side

No colours or religions to divide 

A better world for you and me

With morals, hope and dignity


When we come out the other side

Will our prejudices be set aside?

The human race can now be free

To determine its own destiny


When we come out the other side

Let’s think of those for whom we cried

Remember those who gave selflessly 

Who cared for us, for you, for me


When we come out the other side

Recall the ones who all defied

Attach no blame but make them see

How close we came to anarchy


When we come out the other side

For all of those who haven’t died

We will celebrate, so full of glee

And make our mark in history 


When we come out the other side

No longer a need to run or hide

What a wondrous world we’ll all see

And what better humans we will be!

Andy Barham. In the spirit of a more generous and intelligent World, Andy authorizes you to us his poem. Just be so kind to please quote the source. Any feedback you have for him, write to me and I’ll pass on.


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