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Didier Marlier

June 05, 2021

From Disruption to Engagement

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

As you may know by now, Nick McRoberts and I have decided to write a second book, triggered by what we see as the biggest decision Mankind has to take about its fate: How will we decide to invest the trillions of you-name-the currency, that governments have pledged, to reset the Economy? Will we haste backwards and seek to reconstruct “more of the same” or will we have the courage and intelligence to rebuild something Economically sound, Environmentally safe and Humanly sustainable?

Should we contemplate the second alternative, the way we lead our economy, countries, organisations,businesses, subordinates and… ourselves, will evolve in directions very different to what leadership has been…since prehistorical tribes.

Our book will study the skills that “Post-Disruption” leaders will have to develop in order to protect our collective Future.

In order to help us, we intend to interview famous and… infamous people supporting our views or enriching them because they oppose them. We intend to follow the principles of Critical Thinking (being critical about… the way we listen and seek to understand opposite points of views) and Anatole Rapoport’s philosophy of seeking to understand and elaborating together a better outcome than our separate initial viewpoints.

We thought of sharing those interviews on a new YouTube Chanel that we have created:









In order to attract busy speakers, our channel will need to have a high number of subscribers. Subscribing is free of charge. And you simply will be warned when we publish a new interview.

If you are willing to help us:

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We thank you wholeheartedly for your support!
Didier and Nick


  1. Steve Prumo

    Happy to subscribe. Looking forward to listening and learning from the upcoming interviews.

  2. Francisco Ferraroli

    Dear friends, I made a search on YouTube and could’t find Enablers Network channel.
    I think it’s worth to check it out.


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