May we take an active part in changing the World in 2021


Didier Marlier

December 27, 2020

From Disruption to Engagement

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A friend and client, C.E.O. of a chemical company, wrote in reaction to our last blogpost: “Sometimes with brutality, 2020 has placed the values of Life back to the centre of our reflection. I believe that the Future will be different and I wonder if those hastily rushing to getting all back “as it was before”, are not setting themselves up for a solid disappointment. It might be wiser to try and adapt to a new balance. No one can be sure of where we are heading so let’s create an environment which will develop new opportunities, by opening ourselves, listening to each other and including new idea without prejudice”.

And indeed, my personal ambition for 2021 and beyond is to take part into changing our World and Economy into a more social, generous and ecological one.

2020, in spite of its harshness, has demonstrated that some Human Beings (Heroes in the meaning of Campbell) provide us with a wonderful example of what Humanity is all about. Read the articles or watch the videos by clicking on their names. Once again they go from A to Z!

Alain Berset, Swiss Minister of Health and ex-President of the Confederation, decided to walk alone, incognito in the streets of Bern, to observe and provide feedback to people on how they were respecting the distanciation rules!

Bozzini Stefano, 81, serenaded his wife, sick from COVID in the hospital’s parking lot to lift her morale and display his love and affection to her!

Coursaris Noella, a personal friend and extraordinary and visionary philanthropist through her Malaika Foundation. If you are thinking of where to donate corporate funds or your own (at individual title, I sponsor a young student there) please go on her site. Noella and her team have created the best school in Congo and demonstrate that education saves lives.

Dr Didier Pittet is the inventor of the hydrogel lotions that has been celebrated as a must have through the COVID crisis. You’d be entitled to believe that the lucky man has become filthy rich through his invention. In fact, Didier Pittet never wanted any royalties on his discovery, in order to keep it affordable in poorer countries.

Eufrasia, Vincentine and Dorothea are three nuns who decided to sing for their Muslim brothers during the last Aïd el-Fitr. Their clip became a hit on the Indonesian TV channels!

Finland, Iceland, Norway Prime Ministers, along with Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel and other women leaders who taught us a lesson on how to lead during crisis times!

Gultekin Recep Tayyip and Ozen Mikail who saved passers by during a terror attack, at the peril of their own lives.

Hutchinson Patrick and one of his friend, both from African origins, saved the life of a white Neo-Nazi who had attempted to disrupt a peaceful demonstration of BLM. The hater had suddenly been cut-off from group and was severely beaten-up by the crowd. Incredible picture of a hater supported by to men of peace!

Italy’s front line fighters against COVID. More than 200 retired MDs chose to go back to work, saving lives but they lost theirs…

Jana Leyla, the young and wonderful entrepreneur who wanted to end global poverty… An extraordinary portrait!

Kwadwo Leroy, a professional football player in Germany was targeted by racist acts from a spectator… In this case, the spectators themselves, true football fans, decided to identify and kick the man out of the stadium.

Li Wenliang, the heroic epidemiologist Doctor, whistle blower, who was not only told-off and rebuked by Wuhan authorities but also… died in order to save a maximum of his co-citizens… He is now a Hero…

Mane Sadio, the superstar of Liverpool FC, for his response when a journalist noticed he was using a damaged mobile phone… Wonderful!

Noëlle Rouget was a Resistance fighter who was arrested and sent to concentration camp. Whereas she barely survived, her fiancé died under torture of the collaboration in France. His assassin was finally arrested after the war and she unsuccessfully fought to obtain his Pardon.

Orangutan: A man had his life saved by an Orangutan… See the moving gesture. Animals can be an example for humans!

PJ Brewe-Lay, a 11 year-old child, realized that his grandmother was dying and needed immediately medical assistance. Having seen his parents driving he took his grandma to the doctor he knew…

Quaden, bullied at school because of his dwarfism and intended to die. He now has decided to live thanks to people support!

Rahul Dubey who sheltered… 70 BLM demonstrators to protect them from police violent action

Stephen Ellison, a British diplomat who jumped into a river, in China to save a young student that was drowning…

Tygielski Shelly founder of a non-profit disruptor NGO where people having time and resources to help others are matched…

U.K. “normal people” who chose to take a stand, like Marcus Rashford and made a difference in the lives of many during the crisis.

Volunteers of Australia and California risking their lives to save others’

Wu Huayan who starved herself to death to enable her young brother to survive… Uncelebrated Chinese heroin…

XXX Anitta, one of Brazil’s actual music star. I wasn’t impressed at all at the start, but seeing her fight for democracy, for the respect of the LGTB community, I changed my mind

Yemeni Huda al-Sarari who has received the Human Rights Award for her combat as a lawyer for Human rights in war-torn Yemen!

Zoher Abu Jama (a Muslim paramedic) and his colleage, Avraham Mintz (a Jewish paramedic) praying together, since ages at work, in respect and fraternity. Moving and symbolic image. May we not accept divisiveness nor polarization!

I wish you to take the lead in 2021, to make this World and our Economy, better and more just. Let us not go back to “Business as usual”, there are no more opportunities there!

Let us enjoy our Leaders’ Journey!


  1. Jay Rao

    Inspiring as always, my friend! Wishing you and your loved ones the very best in 2020! Un abrazo fuerte! Jay

    • Didier

      Thank you dear Jay,
      I do believe we will be playing a role (even a modest one) in making the new Economy, a meaningful one!
      Allmy wishes for tonight!

  2. Aline frankfort

    As your friend Jay says. Inspiring as always. many thanks and a big hug to you

    • Didier Marlier

      Thank you dear Aline,
      Such a compliment from a highly inspiring person as you are, is very moving indeed,
      Have a peaceful 2020 close!


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