Let us be the true Heroes of 2017!


Didier Marlier

December 31, 2016

From Disruption to Engagement

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2016 leaves 2017 and ourselves confronted to many challenges, from Aggressions, Bombardments, Crisis, Desertification, Exclusion, Fighting, Guerrilla, Hunger, Isolationism, Job destruction, Kidnappings, child Labour, Malnutrition, Nationalism, Oligarchies, Pollution, Questioning under torture, Racism, Sexism, Terrorism, Unemployment, Violence, War, Xenophobia, Yellow fever to Zika

I remain convinced that Women and Men of Goodwill will manage to transform 2017 into a positive year.

Here is to those, sometimes uncelebrated, Human Beings who took a stand against the unacceptable in 2016. Let them serve as a source of inspiration to us all, responsible for businesses and ultimately for the fate of thousands of people and families:

  • Ahmed: the young Egyptian Hero, aged 13, who crossed on his own with other migrants the Mediterranean in order to bring doctors back to save his younger brother…
  • Binta: who offered a Boko Haram bride a home
  • Chris and Regina Catrambone: the couple who bought a boat and seek to save migrants on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D‘Agostino: who showed that, despite cheating, corruption, deceiving and doping, there is still a trul wonderful Olympic Spirit in the mind of some athletes
  • Ernesto & Mirko & Alessandro & Andrea, four policemen of Rome who went after a desperate call from two elderly people who hadn’t seen anyone in weeks. They styed with them and cooked a memorable spaghetti.
  • Marouane Fellaini, an amazing sportsman who saved a crushed elderly woman, in the middle of the madness of fans, after goal of his team!
  • Georges Malaika: Who was such a dedicated father that, although he had died when she was 5, inspired his beloved daughter to create the Malaika Foundation to ensure that little girls of Kalebuka in DRC, would have a future.
  • Healers: Such as Daniel Ruchet who stop haemorrhages or Pascale Moser, who heals burns of people without being paid for it, just because they have received that gift.
  • India: Narayanan Krishnan, a famed chief cook who decided to serve thos starving in the streets. His words are simple and moving.
  • Jaha Dukureh: Who is in Time 100 personality list and speaks out again women sexual mutilation in Africa.
  • King Harald, King of Norway who shook up the royal garden party with a speech in support of refugees and gay rights
  • Brad Ludden, A professional kayaker,who gives that experience to young adults with cancer
  • Denis Mukwege, who physically and emotionally seeks to redeem women victims of rapes in Eastern Congo Kivu region.
  • Kiara Nirghin, A 16-year-old South African schoolgirl who developed a cheap super-absorbent material to help soil retain water
  • Michelle Obama, who will hopefully, one day, become President of the United States
  • Pope Francis, who celebrated his 80th Birthday with the homeless
  • Q: All the uncelebrated heroes, who go to work, school or College every morning of their lives, seeking to make this World a better place for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Raj Panjabi, who took Ebola on in Africa
  • Mary Stuart-Miller: who feeds thousands in Rome
  • Isabella Springmuhl Tejada: the first fashion designer to have Down syndrome. Her designs were showcased at the International Fashion Showcase segment of London Fashion Week in 2016
  • Unknown artist Banksy, who could be rich artist by now, if he were to sell his art, but prefers to continue painting anonymously at nightand has strong humanistic views.
  • Kiera Vera Larsen: who saved a two years old at the cost of her own 10 years old life
  • Lillian Weber: who died in 2016, aged 101 years, having fulfilled her promise: sewing 1’000 dresses for impoverished African girls. She finished her 1’234th outfit the day before she passed away.
  • Chico Xavier: is the only non 2016 personality in this list… He was an amazing personality in his native Brazil and his open minded approach to religions and beliefs would be so needed nowadays.
  • Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Barbarian attack just because she was a young girl wanting to study. Her crusades now for girls’ education is extremely impactful.
  • Zimbabwe: Betty Makoni founded the Girl Child Network, a charity which cares for Zimbabwe’s young sex abuse victims; the organization has rescued more than 35,000 girls

My partners, associates, companions, friends, colleagues and myself look forward to reconnecting with you next year!

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  1. Victor Seco

    I wish you an excellent 2017, plenty of love, wisdom, and harmony.


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