Trevor Stevenson

For Trevor, growing up on a farm taught him to appreciate the results of hard work and team effort.  A decade of travel in the depths of Africa, the jungles, deserts and mountains of the Americas and the islands of Europe and the Caribbean taught him to balance drive and passion with patience, empathy and support.  Following his natural strengths and ambition, he started, along with his wife Dale, a leadership development firm at the age of 30.  This taught him that if you stay true to the inspiration to help anyone (who wants) to be their best, then you can change minds, lives, whole organizations and indeed, nations.

Trevor believes that, for the most part, we all share the same opportunity to reshape our brain’s hardwiring to generate the outcomes we want in our lives and businesses.

Trevor and the dynamic team of The Leadership Group spent seven years as a licensee of the world’s largest leadership development firm.  To continue to service the morphing needs of international clients in such an evolutionary time of brain-function awareness and neuro-leadership, Trevor and the team transformed their services to make use of the latest brain science. They integrate this learning to help clients retrain their brains to understand and achieve the change they want and need in their executive and leadership roles.

Focusing on Neuro Leadership Coaching programs for individuals, teams and organizations, Trevor and his team are challenging and supporting top levels of government, healthcare, education and industry to be the ones who guide systemic change.

When you reach the top, who is challenging you?  Who is helping you explore the way you’re thinking; the way you are acting and how it’s all being received?  This is Trevor’s specialty—whether it is in a business development role, coaching or facilitation, his strengths are providing the perfect blend of challenge and support to help people reach new heights.

Trevor provides an approach that blends an intense focus and determination with creativity, wit and lightness.  Combined with proven strategies of neuro-leadership, his contributions to leadership development are world-class.

On a personal note, Trevor is a world traveler, an authored poet, an all-around athlete, and a proud Father of two and Husband of one.  He lives with his beautiful wife and children in Chelsea, Quebec.  Together, their hearts are set on travel helping governments around the world, create sustainable, inspiring organizations that deliver results to their citizens.

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