Dale Stevenson

Dale has an absolute passion for helping others define and achieve what they are capable of. For so many this is something they have long ago stashed in a remote part of the brain, boxing it out with walls of inflicted reality. With Dale’s effusive energy and ebullient aura, her clients know no limits. They become locked in a tractor beam of possibility. They go deep within and identify what is the absolute next level of excellence for them, what about them is getting in the way, and they chart a path to circumvent their limitations. They commit. They carry on and they take their entire team and organization with them. It is beautiful to see this unfold as people throw off their shackles and own their future.

Within her own team, Dale acts as the head of HR, holding weekly success meetings with each staff member. This partnership has employees celebrating the successes gone by, identifying the goals of the week ahead and committing to the challenges they need to overcome to excel. She is also known as TLG’s Queen of Facilitation (, coaching groups of Leaders (whether born or made) to open their kimonos and identify with whom they are and who they want to become. Some cry, some laugh, they all participate and they all grow.

Dale’s journey in leadership development began over 20 years ago when she led a team of students to provide complete care for young adults with profound disabilities. It was at this moment when she was first challenged to explore her own potential and found her true passion of helping people realize their personal best.

Her passion for personal development and performance excellence has led her to challenge people to disagree with their boundaries of human potential. She has a Master’s degree in Human Kinetics with specializations in Gerontology and Adapted Kinesiology. She has run Motor Development clinics, is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and coach. These accomplishments/pastimes have helped Dale realize that one of the most critical factors in human development is how we engage the mind.

Fast forward 10 years: Dale leveraged her passion and experiences in the fields of personal leadership, human development and sport psychology and applied them in the corporate world when she and her husband opened a leadership development firm in Ottawa, Canada in 2004. Dale’s focus is on leadership development at all levels, believing that we all play a role in our success. She believes nothing is impossible.

Working extensively with the public sector and private sector since 2004, Dale realizes the corporate landscape has shifted dramatically and will continue to evolve and as a result, so has her approach to leadership development. Dale continues to study leadership from the inside out using a variety of approaches and in particular has a strong interest in the fields of neuroscience and leadership development, emotional intelligence and coaching and positive psychology.

Dale is a certified corporate coach and is also certified in the Bar-On Method of Emotional Intelligence Testing and is currently invested in research in neuro-leadership and Cross-Generational leadership development.

Dale’s heart beats stronger and faster with every thought of her three main men; toddler and infant sons Jahro and Zion and husband Trevor. She continues to participate in and coach multiple sports. She has an eclectic, near clairvoyant, hand in the kitchen and a smile that chases away darkness.

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