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  • We support our clients to remain masters of their own destiny, in an increasingly complex and sometimes chaotic environment
  • “Scanning the periphery” and recognizing emerging trends faster than competition are critical skills that we develop with them
  • We believe that our clients’ success is a function of the quality of their interactions, thinking patterns, behaviours and dialogues
  • Our clients should not outsource such leading edge skills to specialists. They need to learn to practice them…

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Friday April 3rd, 2020

Will you follow a leader who says “Me First”?

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli Historian and Professor and probably the most listened to futurist and thinker of the XXIst century. Here is an article (free viewing) he just wrote for the Financial Times (20th March 2020) in which he elegantly summarized in this interview extract on British Channel 4: Harari makes three fundamental points in the context of…

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  • Jaap RogManaging Partner KPMG Meijburg
    The work with the Enablers gave us very good results. They make a huge difference from their competitors because they are so personal and dedicated to us
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