Enablers Network Community Page

This page is the private landing page for members of the Enablers Community. 

Access to the Google Drive space is restricted to Enablers Community Members.  You need to login to the Google space with your own Google account and your account must have been granted to proper rights.  In case of problems accessing, send an email to [email protected].

Access the Google Drive space by clicking the following button:

Please keep your contact details up to date on the members coordinates online spreadsheet.  The best way to email all members is to select the entire column F and copy this to the ‘to’ field of your email.  Access the coordinates spreadsheet here:

We also have a  private Linkedin group, where you can post and share messages only with the community.  You need to request access to the community:

The governance of the Enablers network is inspired by sociocracy and is structured in circles.  The membership of the different circles are recorded in the members coordinates spreadsheet (link above).  For questions about any of the circles, contact the Leader, Delegate, Secretary or Facilitator of the specific circle.

Notes for circle meetings should be sent to all members (which can be easily done by copying the email addresses from the member coordinates online spreadsheet above).

The below are the Circles currently defined:

  • The purpose of the Community Development Circle is the continued positive vibe and connections among the members.
  • The purpose of the Business Development Circle is to successfully engage in marketing, sales and project activities to generate revenue.
  • The purpose of the Network Development Circle is to maintain the structural integrity of the network over time.
  • The purpose of the Enablers Mission Circle is to maintain alignment and transparency between the other circles. (Members are the Leaders and Delegates of the above three circles).
  • The purpose of the Client Engagement Circle is responsible for the delivery and quality of the project. (Temporary optional circles based on client project needs)
  • The purpose of temporary Event Circles or for other topics is to execute the specific mission or collective task. (Temporary optional circles based on event needs)