Hope, Faith and Bravery

by Didier Marlier on Tuesday January 16th, 2018

As most of you know by now, I have decided to dedicate part of my time to validate/invalidate my theory that, if we frequently use the sports metaphor in the Business World, in fact, business has a lot to teach to the Sports Community.

I therefore work 20% of my time with FC Lausanne Sport, a 1st Division Team, both on Team Dynamics & Mental Coaching and seeking to apply the rules of “Disruptive Organizations” (1/Create an intelligent organization, 2/Design an organic culture, 3/Lead the Context more than the Content) on the pitch, during the game. Our two last games, played under this model saw victories of 1-2 and 5-1. We went from last to 5th in the first half of the championship and, a very encouraging criteria is that we start to attract young and promising talents, advised by their managers to join us, since our Vision, Playing Philosophy and Style are original in our business.

On the wall of our locker room, a quote in Spanish from an anonymous person is painted:

“Hope is wishing for something to happen, Faith is believing it will happen and Bravery is ensuring that it does happen!”

I wanted to share this popular Spanish quote with you all, at the beginning of 2018, which, following all economic, geopolitical, futuristic and other oracles will be a year of profound mutations.

  • Hope is what we call Logos: It is a vision, an intellectual idea, a plan, a roadmap. It is immaterial, no matter how well drafted. And without it, there are little chances that anything will happen at all. Leaders need to ensure clarity in that step.
  • Faith is what we call Pathos: It is linked to emotions, beliefs, convictions, passion. Faith is what transforms the plan from an idea to a compelling desire to make things happen. Leaders need to tap on their people’s emotional agenda here.
  • Bravery is what we call Ethos: It is about moving from intention to action. This is where leaders convince through exemplarity. You can’t ask others to be brave on your behalf, and stay behind to protect their wives and children…

Let me wish you therefore to be able to create reasons to hope for your people, to engage them emotionally and to have the bravery to lead them to action.

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2 Responses to “Hope, Faith and Bravery”

  1. A very inspiring formula which sums up in one shot the complexity of leadership and human energy.
    I keep it in mind each level being a necessary milestone to make it happen…

    • Thank you Michael, coming from a man of wisdom and experience such as you, this means a lot…


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