The most successful posts of 2011

by Didier Marlier on Saturday December 10th, 2011
Our blog is now two and half years old and we would like to thank you all for your loyalty over that period. As you will have noticed, we changed to Mailchimp this year. This company sends you the weekly e-mail and confirms with your filters and firewalls that Enablers is not a source of spam. They also give us feedback about overall readership, which we thought you might be interested in.
– Our blog is considered a 4* (out of a maximum of 5) because 24% of you open the e-mail on the day it arrives. This is particularly credible as we send it out on Saturday. The average of other consultancies is only 18%.
– The readership is spread between USA (30%), Latin America (30% with Brazil representing the majority), Europe (30%, mostly France, Germany, UK and Switzerland) with China, Singapore, and India accounting for the bulk of the remaining 10%.
– Each article is read by between 500 and 800 readers. It seems that many of you choose to visit the blog every two weeks and then read two articles at a time.
We thought that you might be interested to know which articles our readers have read most in 2011. Here is our top list (in no particular order): Michael Newman has observed teams participating in our tailored simulations over a ten year period. Their behaviour throws up a paradox worth noting… Could this be happening at this very moment in your own company… Very much on the Pathos/emotional side, this is the true story of Caroline Casey and how the ‘hundred percenters’ may sometimes destroy their own lives and the lives of those around them. The good news is that we always have a choice in life… Simon Sinek provides us with a simple and powerful model using three concentric circles (‘What’ in the outside circle, then ‘How’ and ‘Why’ in the inner circles). He explains that the way we communicate is the way we think about our company and its products / services. The pitfall is that most marketers think and communicate on the What and the How, rarely on the vital dimension of the Why… This clip was shown to us by Dow Latin America executives. It is simple and profoundly moving. “Adding my signature to the job” shows that, sometimes, it is the simpler people in the less glorious jobs, who make a true difference to the organization and its customers… This article builds on the brilliant and helpful matrix of Nick van Heck and Paul Verdin. It shows how, when confronted with difficult times, human beings are drawn to the Value Capture axis, leaving the terrain of Value Creation to more daring competitors… See also another popular and related post on Loss Aversion: This highly praised post of Michael Newman, still visited months after its first publication, shows us what is happening to our minds when we unintentionally disengage our audience through the use of inappropriate technology. A must read… This is the latest update of how my partners and I see leadership evolving in the near future. Since first posting, I have added a recent video clip (in Portuguese) which I encourage you to share internally. a recent article which has struck an emotional chord with many of you.

We hope this list of most-read articles has been of interest to you and that the forthcoming break will give you time to read what you may have missed. It also shows you what other CEOs, Board members, Executives and academics have been inspired by.
We THANK YOU wholeheartedly for your continued interest in our blog this past year. We have particularly valued the increasing flow of feedback from readers and have used your observations to steer us towards new topics or deeper exploration of existing themes.

Home and short visits to Lyon/Paris ahead. Have a great week all.


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