"Planning our 2011 Leadership Journey…"

by Didier Marlier on Sunday December 12th, 2010

Sergio Chaia is the C.E.O. of Nextel in Brazil which he has profoundly transformed during his tenure. During a lunch in São-Paulo, four months ago, he was challenging me: “We all need to define our Essence! By so doing, we become unique and clearly positioned both in market terms but also in our own personal lives! By finding our Essence, everything becomes possible. We don’t need to compete against others. We pursue our own dream, follow our own journey!” Sergio added that, by each year end, he was reviewing the last 12 months and planning the coming year in light of his life’s purpose, his Deep Intent. “Every morning when I wake-up, I watch myself in the mirror and almost like a mantra, I rehearse my current year’s three to five main objectives. That helps greatly in my attempt to be purposeful!”

Recently, invited on an amazing Rhodia workshop in France by Philippe Bobin (Rhodia people are very creative on their development programs!), I met another man of exception, moved by something very similar to Sergio: Taïg Khris. “I have never been to school! My parents, both artists, believed that they had a far more important role to play than educating us in following pre-established conventional rules. They taught my brother and I to listen to our instinct, trust our intuition, discover and be true to our Passion”. Today, Taïg aged 35 and his elderly brother Lino, are recognized champions in such different activities as deep-diving, capoeïra, tennis, roller blade or …poker and acting both in video games, TV shows and soon in a movie. Taïg is one of the younger generation’s idols having won several times the “X Games” and being to date the most titled athlete in “extreme sports”. He has become (more) famous this year by jumping down the Eiffel Tower on his Rollerblades (the fall/slide at the end being intentional in order to slow down before hitting the massive protection wall).

Two very different men, two different destinies (unless Sergio decides to jump in duo from the Rockfeller center with Taïg, which is his next plan or that Taïg decides to become a C.E.O.) but similar, deep ways of leading a successful and happy life.

My end-year gift is to invite you in achieving something similar for ourselves: What is your “Deep Intent”? What really drives your life? How will you decompose it into next year’s objectives which you can rehearse each morning? New-Year’s break is traditionally a great moment to reflect backwards and plan forward…

I thank you for the lessons I learned from you during this year. Each encounter is a blessed moment. Sometimes, I am kindly asked how come I publish this page every week despite of such a busy agenda? The answer is you! It is only through your generosity (sharing clips, blogs, ideas, articles, issues, challenges and thoughts), your knowledge and actions (the experiences I can reproduce here), your creativity (none of these pages came from my own individual reflections but from banging ideas with you).

My partners and I are very grateful for such a privilege. I/We wish you all a fulfilling 2011 year and hopefully a wonderful moment of rest with those who matter to you in life.

Still two very busy weeks throughout several countries in Europe these two coming weeks. I will now leave you in peace during the New-Year’s break and start again this blog in 2011.

HAPPY NEW-YEAR to you all

Didier & The Enablers Network Team

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