Disruptive Strategies


We prepare our clients’ organizations for Disruptive times

Disruptions only happen to the unprepared

What do the Catholic Church, The Federal Reserve, Encyclopaedia Britannica and the record industry have in common? They all were caught off guard by marginal phenomena slipping under their radar screens: Guttenberg and the printing press, the subprime crisis, Wikipedia,  Napster, the mp3 and Peer to Peer software sharing.

“Strategy is not guessing the future but preparing for it” advocates Nick van Heck, managing partner of ELP network. This is exactly our intent: we prepare our clients’ organizations for disruptive times.

We work around three themes:

  • From strategy to strategizing: in complex times, strategy should no longer be a yearly privilege reserved for the elite at the top of the pyramid. It must become a permanent process in which all employees are engaged and duly prepared to play an active role. We help leaders prepare for the roll-out and engagement of their people in the strategizing process.
  • From organization to organisms: alignment, initiative and reactivity do not go well with the old “pyramidal model”. We offer our clients tools and processes to transform their classical organizations into vivid, vibrant and progressive “organic bodies”.
  • From “seniority is superiority” to engaging leadership: we support and challenge leaders in their transformation efforts so they are prepared to lead under radically different conditions.