So this is Christmas…

by Didier Marlier on Saturday December 24th, 2011

Eugenio Mussak is a famous speaker/Professor/Writer/Philosopher on Leadership. Generosity is his and his wife’s, Luciana, trademark. They are hosting our Brazilian Branch in their own São-Paulo office. I was having dinner at their place recently and Eugenio commented a short article[1], which had moved him: “In July 1958, Celia, a 10 years old girl, suffering from polio since she was born, underwent her first leg surgery. While convalescing, she assembled a scrapbook about her idol, the most beautiful man in Brazil, the darling of all women, children and even grandparents: Bellini, captain of the Brazilian team which had recently won the World Cup in Sweden. One day, the door of the house where she lived with her family in Leblon opened and a surprise visit said: “Good evening.” It was Bellini.

How could this be? Simple. Someone who knew someone who knew Bellini told him about the young girl. Bellini was 28 years old and fully busy:  when not coaching or playing for Vasco, he had to travel with the World Cup and lift it at parties and banquets. But he made time to see the girl, who was speechless by emotion as he told her stories of Sweden.

Two years later, in 1960, Bellini met the girl on the street in Copacabana. He recognized her and she explained that in the coming days she would undergo her second (and last) surgery. Bellini listened with interest. And on the D day, called the hospital to ask how she was. Knowing that soon she would return home, he took a while and went to visit her again, this time bringing candy. That is the kind of man he was.

Years passed. Celia became the famous Celia Vaz, guitar player, arranger and conductor, one of the most complete musicians of Brazil, enjoying an enviable reputation in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Last Saturday, after the mediation of friends, Celia went to São Paulo to find Bellini and his wife, Giselda, kissed him and gave the candy back. The  50 years time interval – Bellini is now 81- did not stop the emotion and the tears”

We commented on Generosity and how beautifully, it rewards those who truly believe in the Principle of Abundance and give without expecting anything in return. Luciana then showed us this short clip which I must admit brought tears to my eyes. It is from an N.G.O. she works with, called “Make a Wish” which tries to provide a moment of dream and hope to children affected by a life threatening condition. The children have a dream they would love to live but that their own physical limitations or the ones of their parents wealth does not allow to fulfill. On that day, Luciana was back from having completely refurbished as a Cartoon Hero’s bedroom, the one where a poor Leukaemia infected child was living (sorry for poor Swiss, Austrians and Germany based readers, the record companies have blocked this due to copyrights in those countries…).

I would like to leave you all with such a rare moment of emotion to close 2011 and wish us all plenty of such instants of Authenticity in 2012. Thank you for your support, thank you for your trust and confidence in us… Happy Year 2012 to you and your families!


[1] In Folha de São Paulo, 20th August 2011, an editorial by Ruy Castro

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