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“There is nothing worse than sending a changed person into an unchanged environment”

Paradoxically, one of the most frequent reasons why addicted people fall back into their self defeating habits is unhelpful behaviour of their friends and family. The underlying motive may come from a phenomenon known in sports psychology. Everyone has heard about the paralyzing “fear of losing”, but few of us know of the “fear of winning”. It can be hard to accept that, despite all our efforts, we can not help someone we care for. But realizing that some “coaches” external to the family and circle of friends may succeed is… often humiliating. An often unconscious reflex is therefore to be cynical and unintentionally sabotage the changes that are taking place in the person we most want to help.

It is sometimes a similar process that takes place in organizations when a single individual works with a professional coach. If the coach is good, profound changes start to take place, but rapidly the environment, unconsciously but relentlessly, tries to undermine the changes.

This is why we often prescribe and successfully run “Team Coaching” instead of individual coaching. We address the dynamic of the team, which may itself have become dysfunctional. We help to reinstall a dialogue between the team members and encourage them to suspend their cynicism and give themselves, collectively another chance.