Leadership Development


We run innovative Leadership Development Programs

“Leaders create conditions for others to do and be their best”. (C. Parker, ex-IMD professor)

Most of us have successfully led our teams and organizations both in simple and very complicated situations. We have all learned to master the famous “Tell, Sell, Involve and Devolve” leadership styles. However, the emergence of the “Open Source Economy”; the faster and faster development of technology, the eruption of the “Y” generation on the labour market, the profound values crisis that the financial debacle of 2008 has provoked; demand that we lead in not only simple or complicated circumstances but also in complex and chaotic environments.

We create and deliver highly innovative leadership programs with the following signatures:

  • From Subjects to Themes: instead of the traditional “mini-MBA silo” approach, our courses are based on themes which are critical to the organization.
  • From Individual Teaching to Integrated Delivery: our professors teach in teams and work at the cognitive, behavioural and emotional levels at the same time.
  • From Classroom to Reality: we use the clients’ reality as the basis for our courses. We avoid case studies and only use tailored simulations. While learning with us, our clients also progress on their “real work”.
  • From Teachers to Advisers: our faculty members do not behave as academics or consultants. We owe respect to our clients, who everyday face challenging tasks. Our style of interaction is High Challenge/High Support.
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback: we offer continuous feedback to each other, as experience tells us it is one of the most powerful development tools. We use it habitually with our clients as well, during the design, delivery and execution of work.