Open Source Leadership


–  June 2016: Didier Marlier est invité par le Cercle Chapel, basé à Waterloo, pour expliquer ce qu’est le Mythe Universel et comment celui-ci peut être utilisé dans un contexte d’engagement et de changement.

–  April 2016: Nick McRoberts est également reçu au prestigieux Cercle Chapel, où il explique durant un dîner-conférence, ce qu’un business leader peut apprendre d’un chef d’orchestre, ce qui est sa formation de base. Nick aura donné la première représentation de son Opéra, Lyon, le 8 juillet 2016.

–  March 2015: A blogger retakes Jimmy Pontes interview and deepens its thinking. He explores further how samba schools extensively use Logos, Ethos and Pathos to strive and engage their communities.

– February 2015: Our vision of the impact of the Disruption Economy on strategy, organization and leadership is commented and used in a PhD thesis in Brazil

– February 2015, Jimmy Pontes is interviewed by UNIMED, one of Brazil’s leading health insurance companies and explains how samba bands use Logos, Ethos and Pathos.

– February 2014, Gerd Leonhard publishes an excellent and throught provoking article in Fast Company

– December 2013, Gerd Leonhard, our partner and C.E.O. of THe Futures Agency, is interviewd by CNN

– August 2013: Our Brazilian partner, Prof. Jimmy C. Pontes gave an interview to Brasil’s equivalent to CNN, Globo News, on compulsory buying obsession.

– Abril 2013: Mesa redonda na ESPM com o fundador, Prof. Gracioso, o Prof. Jimmy C. Pontes, Marcos Demarchi, Presidente da Elekeiroz, Mario Kapham, Presidente da Vagas e Didier Marlier, sobre o futuro da liderança

– April 2013: Exelente entrevista sobre a “Economia de Ruptura e suas consequencias

– April 2013: A video clip of Didier’s interview by Eugenio Mussak at FAAP on the topic of “Leading in the Disruption Economy” (in portuguese)

– March 2013: our friend and partner, Business Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s full speech at “The Future of Learning” in London

– November 2012: In this touching talk during the TEDx Beau Soleil (in Switzerland), Didier Marlier share how the three Ps of pleasure, passion and purpose are aligned to happiness and success in the future. To exemplify, he uses the Brazilian samba as a metaphor to those 3 Ps:

– November 2012: In this quick interview, Didier Marlier shares the reason why he decided to talk on TED and what he defines as success in only three words:

– November 2012: Taïg Khris explains his heroic journey from a kid that did not attend school to the man who jumped down the Eiffel Tower on roller skates:

– November 2012: Our partner, Nick McRoberts shares, through the lessons he had during his life as musician, what is the secret of success. That is a touching ride around lessons such as the importance of aligning technical skills to meaning and the need to overcome challenges and difficulties to be successful and go beyond:

– November 2012: Our partner, Gerd Leonhard, share the main trends that will shape the future:

– November 2012: Didier Marlier shares in this webcast, which are the impacts of the Open Source Economy on the way to understand, lead, organize and plan the company’s strategy:

– October 2012: In the Canal RH website, Didier Marlier talks about the need to challenge the status quo for companies to prepare themselves for the future in the Open Source Economy and how the HR has a crucial role in these process and need to challenge (constantly) their own orthodoxies:;QpQSK.QT:D56ByBVT5G

– October 2012: Sergio Tamer, Tamer Comunication CEO, interviews Didier Marlier about the future of leadership and which are the singularities of the Brazilian Leadership:

– October 2012: An interview of Didier for the site of HSM

– September 2012: Didier was invited by the Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos Financeiros, for a speech on “Revista-IBEF-News-Edição-170-Novembro-Dezembro-de-2013“.

– September/October 2012: “Disruption only happens to the unprepared” is the article published in ESPM (Brazilian Marketing University) and co-written by two Enablers Network’s partners: Didier Marlier and Marcelo C. Pontes. They explain how is to lead in the Open Source Economy:

– July 2012: At Papo de Homem website, Didier Marlier publishes a polemic post entitled “Would you stay in your job if you win the lottery?” to reflect about engagement in the workplace environment. Papo de Homem it’s one of the biggest Brazilian website focused on the male universe. (IN PORTUGUESE):

– May 2012: Another great article in Brazil’s leading Business magazine, HSM Magazine, about our partner Dr. Jimmy Chiavone, head of the Marketing Chair at ESPM (one of Brazil’s leading Business Schools). Jimmy is the man who has created a fantastic metaphor between “Leading in complex times” and the Samba school: A Gestão do Samba (in portuguese)

– January 2012: An article in HSM magazine about a new way that companies need to adopt to deal with strategy, organization and leadership. “Don’t act like the medieval church” (in Portuguese) it’s a provocative article to all that decided to live in the complex/chaotic world and want to be prepared for the future:

-December 2011: An interview (in Portuguese) with our partner Nick McRoberts about Disruption and how this is related to the global changes and how should we prepare for it:

– August 2011: An excellent interview/clip (in Portuguese) about the Future of Leadership (São-Paulo)

– There is no good interview without great questions and structure given by the journalist. This is Didier’s best interview to date on the impact of the Open Economy on leadership. Num exelente site dedicado a RH (, A jornalista Brasileira Patricia Bispo permeteu ao Didier Marlier de explicar de maneira estructurada o impacto da “Open Economy” sobre liderança.

– Didier Marlier’s invitation as a guest speaker on the CONARH )the world’s end largest gathering of business leaders with an attendance of 5’000 participants and 20’000 visitors in São-Paulo) brought up excellent coverage and interviews in Brasil. Aqui esta uma entrevista de qualidade pela Thaïs Gebrim do Estadão (Entrevista do Didier Marlier) em preparação a sua sessão no CONARH de SP, dia 15 Agosto.

– The CONARH is the world’s 2nd largest event dedicated to businesses strongest asset: their people. Initially reserved to HR speacialists, it opened up this year, under the infleunce of Eugenio Mussak, to other business leaders. The event expects 7’000 participants over 3 days. Our Senior Partner, Didier Marlier, was invited as a speaker

– June 26th 2011: Uma exelente entrevista do Professor Luis Lobão, da Fundaçâo Dom Cabral, onde ele explica como a tecnologia impacta e força o estilo de liderança a evoluir. Na mesma, Lobão tem a grande gentileza de se referir ao nosso modelo do “Logos, Ethos e Pathos”.

– June 11th 2011: Eugenio Mussak, o famoso Professor e palestrante, intrevistou Didier Marlier, nosso fundador sobre liderança engajada no contexto Brasileiro. Isso foi no canal Radio do Estadão de São-Paulo. Aqui estão varios trechos video da entrevista (As tres agendas da liderançaApplicaçâo das tres agendas no BrasilO lider na cultura BrasileiraChoque de gerações e culturaA metafora do samba)

– March 28th 2011: Christophe Lachnitt, Communication Director of the French Group DCNS, publishes a fascinating article on his blog ( relating neurosciences to communication, where he explains and brilliantly simplifies the complex work of neuroscientists Damasio and Ledoux.. Our friend and partner, Marvin Faure ( has kindly accepted to translate this article (originally posted in French) into English. We warmly encourage you to download it here (An emotion is not an idea).

– March/April 2011: HSM  Management is Brazil’s largest Business Magazine. In its March/April edition of 2011, Adriana Salles, its Chief Editor dedicated a long article to the rapid and successful transformation in Rhodia Brazil. Marcos De Marchi, its President kindly quotes our work three times and we were invited to explain in Portuguese, how Logos, Ethos and Pathos could support the Transformation impreative in an organization HSM March April 2011.pdf

– August 2010: The famous French newspaper “Le Monde” publishes an excellent summary of our book “Engaging Leadership”, recommending its reading to French political leaders in a remarkable paper from Dimitri Boisdet: “Pour une politique 2.0”

– April 2010: After 8 months of work with 14 visionary Brazilian CEO’s (A. Almeida/Novelis, C. Marcio/Elektro, C. Morais/Avaya-Skype, E. Bom-Angelo/Lazam, E. Blun/Hospital Brasilia/, F. Zorzato/Russel Reynolds, G. Kelly/Pirelli, H. Yamamuro/NEC, M. de Marchi/Rhodia, M. Aguiar/Colegio Bandeirantes, M. Levy/Microsoft, P. Suarez/Dow, R. Pelegrini/IBM, S. Chaia/Nextel) accompanied by “forward thinkers” Nick van Heck, Roland Kupers and Business Futurist Gerd Leonhard in a program run by the Fundação Dom Cabral (, here is the summary of our reflections of what leadership in the Open Economy will be about. Short (20 pages) and intense! Enjoy the readingLeading in the Open Economy

– January 2010, “Liderança mobilizadora num mundo em constante evolução” is published in Portuguese in D.O.M. the quartely magazine of Brazil’s leading Business School (ranked 13th worldwide in 2009 for Executive Education by the Financial Times). It provides a good summary of the ideas developed in “Engaging Leadership” Liderança.pdf

– September 2009, “The art of motivating an organization in crisis times”: This exceptional article  has been published in France’s equivalent to Harvard Business Review (L’Expansion Management Review). Philippe BOBIN (French Olympic Decathlonian athlete, now in charge of Leadership Development for Rhodia), Richard DACOURY (French Basketball living legend and European Champion in 1993 with Limoges CSP) and Stéphane DIAGANA (France’s most admired sportsman for years, world champion 400 meters steeple and 4×400 meters) have added their rich personal perspectives to Didier’s experience to co-write this paper L’art de motiver les équipes en temps de crise.pdf 

– May 2009, Leading ourselves out of the crisis: Chris Parker (Mobilizing Teams International) and Didier Marlier (Enablers Network) wrote an open letter which was subsequently published in the online editions of BusinessweekCNBCFinanz Nachrichten,  ReutersYahoo-Finance etc… Stories are more powerful than strategies, warn Marlier and Parker; by continuing to fingerpoint at scapegoats, we will badly endanger the recovery efforts undertaken: Open letter Crisis Leadership.doc

– May 2009, Reinventing Executive Education: in May 2009, Didier was invited to meet with the Directors of one of the world’s most adavanced Management Education “Do Thank” (as opposed to those who only think academically). During a passionate debate, one of them handed over a paper saying: “You should read this, it is the best I ever saw on the future of Executive Education”. Didier suddenly realized it was… his text, unpublished but which he had sent ahead of his visit. If you are in charge of Leadership Development in your firm, we recommend you browse through that short text. All comments and feedback are welcome ( The paper was then improved and published by India’s leading University Publishers (ICFAI University Press). As a consequence, we were invited for discussion by the world No1 Corporate University (Brazil’s famous Petrobras University)

– On April 19th 2009, “O Globo”, Brazil’s largest daily, interviewed Didier around the theme of “Crisis Leadership”.  Take a look at the interview’s pdf: Interview Globo Brazil 19 April 2009.pdf

-April 2009, Swiss leading daily, “Le Temps” again publishes an interview of Didier about the 6th chapter of his book, “Engaging Leadership”, dedicated to the work of Joseph Campbell and the Universal Myth adapted to leadership

– September 1999, Swiss Leading daily, “Le Temps” interviewed Didier on parallels to be drawn between sports and business psychology (La peur paralyse)