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A useful tool to address conflict, dilemmas and coaching

Saturday February 12th, 2022 0 comments

Last week’s article on Dilemma Leadership elicited a lot of private mails, asking for support in how to identify and construct the two axis of a dilemma (between which the leader will constantly arbitrate and navigate). A Dutch client showed me a model, attributed to Dutch consultant, Daniel Ofman, and explained to me by a Dutch consultant, Jo Boniszewski, that…

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Leading edge organizations identify & address their dilemmas

Saturday February 5th, 2022 0 comments

In the “Old Economy”, Problem-Solving methodologies were a must in several business schools. We were taught to: Define clearly the problem Identify its root cause Remove the cause Observe if we had satisfactorily resolved the problem. It worked well, perfectly combined with the “engineering mindset” and the linear thinking of the time. Once solved, a problem was behind our back…

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