Blessings for an engaged and impactful 2015!

by Didier Marlier on Saturday December 27th, 2014

“Blessings for an engaged and impactful 2015!” were the wishes I received from our US partner, Bob Devlin. I found them original and in line with what we preach and believe in, at work.

And my mind started to wonder: What kind of people will create engagement and impact in 2015 and later? I started thinking of ordinary and uncelebrated people who had contributed to such goals. One of them is my grandfather, who had engaged himself to war, aged 16 and spent 4 years in the tranches between 1914 and 1918. Going further, in the memories of the many stories he used to tell me bout his ordeal, was  the one of this football game, organized on Christmas eve, between German and British soldiers, further away from where he was stationed. He wasn’t sure on whether this had really taken place or if the rumour had blown it out of proportion but, did he say, “This was the moment we were closest from Peace as we, the soldiers, had demonstrated the insanity of a war that all of us believed could have been avoided.

And this morning, a friend of mine sent me this clip…

The unseen-before threats and promises of the “Disruption Economy”, of technology, of “holly” and other wars, the growing inequalities, the hecatomb expecting social asylum seekers will call on us, business leaders to, courageously take a stand, like the soldiers on this clip, unsure of what is awaiting us, once out of the tranches but hopeful that our generous gestures will be met by other men and wemen of  good will and intelligence.

I wish us all an “engaged and impactful 2015 Year!”

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