The Power of a Deep Intent

by Didier Marlier on Wednesday May 15th, 2013

Derek Anthony Redmond was a British athlete, he held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres relay.  As for all other athletes, winning the Olympic title was the dream of a life time and Derek had worked harder than anyone else to ensure that positive outcome in Spain. And indeed, he was one of the favorites and seemed that his careful preparation had brought him to be the “right man at the right time” for the competition. And here is what happened during the semifinals:

I apologize for the absolutely cheesy music and comment spoiling the video clip, but the lesson should not be obscured by that lack of good taste. Who will remember the name of the 1992 race? And who will remember these images forever…

This is what the strength of a Deep Intent is. Derek was determined to finish the race and the whole stadium gave him a standing ovation. Told by the surgeon who operated him that he would never ever represent his country at the highest level anymore, Redmond decided that he would… He became a player in Britain’s national basketball team, played rugby in 1st division and raced motorcycles…

It is crucial for us, business leaders, to understand what drives us and to create space for our people to understand what motivates them. It is only when their Deep Intent is aligned with the company’s business intent, that they will move from intention to action.

Thanks to Marcos Nascimento for having shared this. Enjoy the clip!

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6 Responses to “The Power of a Deep Intent”

  1. Thanks you so Much
    I love the story and your comments. It made me cry of joy. And them, it is so true that what matters most is deep intention, when attention and intention comes from the deep source are are aligned with the higher purpose and with action,
    Thank you again,

    • Thank you Aline… COmments like yours give meaning to my own day…
      We picked the “Deep Intent” theme from Joseph Campbell who called it “Follow your Bliss”.
      Happy you liked it. Have a good week-end in cold and rainy Brussels…

  2. It sounds like a deep intention becoming in a real heroe.

    Have a good weekend from Mexico

    • Thank you Hernan… Yes,indeed the two are connected as per J. Campbell’s work. Have a good week in Mexico!

  3. Amazing history.
    I used to tell my friends at work that motivation is like a vector product: the more our intentions and desires were aligned with the business directions passed by leadership the more we got motivated to give our best for the company. Just a simple way for engineers to explain something so complex of human behavior. Just like you said.
    Once again, thank you for the inspiring words.

    • Thank you Luiz, spot on indeed. In times of changes, we always advise leaders to create time and space for their peopleto realign their Deep Intent with the change…
      Abraço Luiz


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